my august goals

i will get some mosquito bites.
i will create a new story for myself, for the days that lie ahead.
i will blog every day.
i will end the month with fewer things than i started it.
i will only watch one episode of highlander per night.
i will leave the bees on the milkweed alone.
i will bring my camera. my phone counts.


6 thoughts on “my august goals

  1. I will eat only the best chocolate.
    I will do another proposal.
    I will play.
    I will sleep.
    I will not tell anyone I watch BBC Robin Hood. Woops.

  2. i will take time for friends
    i will hug my husband and son everyday
    i will thank more
    i will eat less (well, maybe)
    i will try to find some joy in my physical being
    i will marvel in the awe of ‘So You think you can dance’

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