Mysterious Toad Formations

How did you find your way onto my second story porch, mysterious toad?  Were you uncomfortable, squished between the bottom of the plastic pot and the soil, or did you mean to hole up there?

I found you, impersonating a wet kleenex; I poked you, and unlike a wet kleenex, you recoiled.  Then you were still as a stone (or a wet kleenex), unblinking.  I suspected the worst, but thought it only fair to give you a chance, since it was me who destroyed your little house.  The pot went back over your home, this time bottom up, so that if you were just cold, you could escape when you recovered.

Today, you are gone!  Bye-bye, mysterious toad!


3 thoughts on “Mysterious Toad Formations

  1. FYI: In alchemy, the black toad represents the first matter. Within Gypsy mythology, the Queen of Fairies was said to live in a castle that was shaped as a golden toad. Scottish folklore held that whoever carried a dried toad tongue over their breast would be successful in matters of love as they would be capable of bending any woman to their will.
    Sometimes the toad was also given the ability to call the rains. In 1662, the Aulderdane coven was said to have utilized toads during a prayer for the “fruit of the land.”

    So you think he was up to any of that?

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