Winter is all about tree trunks here – veins reaching out of the earth, gulping life from the sky every instant the pounding heartbeat of xylem and phloem ebbs and flows, with a panic of leaves securing a great, greedy supply for the season’s larder.   And all this for what?  To stand in wait of resuscitation based not on instinct of muscle, but temperature and time.  Summer’s sap green thickets appear one dimensional blurring past the traveling window, but in winter the depths of the groves that spread unattended between fields and ponds and beige vinyl homes, is revealed.  Brazenly, they bare their potency in countless webs of twigs and branches and rising arteries, whose power together to move toward what is wanted, what is needed, is of one mind.


One thought on “skeletons

  1. Nice.

    I also love looking at all the lone tree silhouettes, all twisted and narley. It’s also fun to just sit in a secluded place and listen to the silence- an occasional bird- the small scampering of a squirrel. Sometimes its just the most simplest of moments that are the most lasting and they are the best to clear your head.

    Lovely Post Brenna

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