“Come, my friends – ’tis not too late to seek a newer world.” Alfred Lord Tennyson

Because my feelings are easily hurt –
I have tried to be honest and kind towards others.

Because I was unsure of my abilities –
I have tried to work hard at whatever was needed.

Because I often felt no one was listening –
I have tried to respect and hear other people’s feelings.

Because I had trouble finding love –
I have tried to give love generously.

Because I often feel like crying –
I have become an expert in making people laugh.

Today, I turned 47.  And I am all out of ideas.


5 thoughts on “Pantheon

  1. Doubtful that you’re out of ideas. They seem to sneak up on you anyway. Regardless, if these were all your ideas ever, who needs more? Hope your birthday left you feeling loved and enjoyed. Enjoy your next trip around the sun!

  2. The end of your poem reminds me of this poem (and yes, it’s the entire poem):

    Barn’s burnt down —
    I can see the moon.
    -Mizuta Masahide

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