Interior Lighting

I read a description categorizing photographers as “windows” and “mirrors,” the former creating photographs showing their inner world, the latter creating work which reproduces the outer world.  Of course, only someone who has never made anything could dream up such a meaningless distinction.  All images are windows, illuminating the interior for others to see (and in my case, this means, seeing the stuff lying around my house.)  You can come in, just as long as you don’t expect me to vacuum.


7 thoughts on “Interior Lighting

  1. Perhaps a Roomba is the solution? Just a thought.
    Love this photo!
    Looks like the world is back to gray-scale.
    How’s life as a barista?

  2. And what lovely stuff there is! Hope you’re well sweet cuz – just started life as an independent consultant and discovering the stuff in my house too!

  3. Love this one! Remember how I loved Godey’s Lady’s Book? And you’re right. I read similar silliness in criticism and reviews of writers. Like people who think Christopher Marlowe might have written Shakespeare’s work. Do you HAVE an ear, people? They don’t know anything about how things are written.

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