Hello, Pretty?

How did my friend know, when I didn’t even know myself, that the most difficult anniversary of all had torn the membrane between my grief and my memories?  How could she tell that the final days of May were tethered to feelings I still can’t quite reconcile, when I shed the last tears for Mom I ever would in the last place where she would lay down to sleep, emptied by me and my kindest friends of whatever was left to pack or donate or discard?  Who told my friend to remind me that I didn’t need to ever feel bad about my mom, that Mom’s life was her life, and that I had done everything I could, and now it was time to take care of myself?

I think we all know who it was.  And I am listening.

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2 thoughts on “Hello, Pretty?

  1. Oh sweet Brenna. You have done such amazing things with your words and your photography. You have not only worked through that maze of grief and memory, you have helped all of us who have been able to share that journey through your work. She would have admired and enjoyed your work — in fact, a part of me thinks she is out there bragging on you to Mama. The tears eventually fade, but the powerful memories will rear their heads suddenly and without warning, and I hope that most of the time those memories will bring smiles. Love you so much! Patsy

  2. Simply beautiful. My mom died May 9th, this is so heartwarming and beautiful. I can’t begin to tell you how these words have helped me today. Thank you B.

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