We are together in the Colorado sunshine
which came today, scouring away the grey coating of internal rhymes and reasons
that tend to accumulate with cloudy days on this side of the divide.
Corn stalks petrified in the prevailing winds,
Trees brushing a few remaining grains of gold from the sky,
The sky itself so unkind in its remorseless radiance, revealing
your whole selves, who are now no more or less than spaciousness.

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3 thoughts on “Unfinished

  1. Sweet Brenna – I’m just logging into the Internet after a 4-day hiatus for other business and read the news about Howard. What a loss for this world – and for all of you who knew and love him well. This piece is quite beautiful – and a warming thought to think of those who have left us as being part of the spaciousness. I send warmth and love to you and Pammy and Felice. More soon — Patsy

  2. Your photograph is radiantly beautiful and your words equally radiant. They make me weep. I love you and send you radiant love always!

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