Self Absorbent

The place I was writing from is under new management, and there have been a few changes which I am still getting used to.  And by “place”  I mean my inner perspective, and by “new management” I mean the growing peace that a daily meditation practice has been nourishing ever so subtly, since I began in July.  For all the incalculable good sitting in awareness of my breath has been doing me, it has also, like any anti-depressant, smoothed out some of the edges which lent urgency to my voice.  I hope, over time, to find a way to express what is here now, but it doesn’t seem to fit into words very well, and I am still not sure how to see it.

But I am, as ever, obsessed with my hair issues.  So there you go…don’t touch that dial!

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One thought on “Self Absorbent

  1. A process, of any kind, has its own scale and pace of time it needs to become complete. And so it is with this process your are going through. I say this to myself as much as I am saying it to you.
    Keep growing, searching, feeling, writing, photographing and learning it. It’s all beautiful; the scars from the thorny snaggy barbs, all the various things left behind and those we continue to carry during our metamorphosis into who we are today. We’re never done though, there will always be more to learn.
    You are loved.

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