For Liz from Mom

She was very specific.  She said, “Tell Liz the Butterfly Artists are rooting for her!”

She showed me exactly what she wanted.

Funny:  I would never do what my mother told me when she was alive; now that she is dead, I do whatever she says.

(It’s exactly what I wanted!  Love you, baby – mom)


2 thoughts on “For Liz from Mom

  1. Now you know you and your mom have opened the floodgates to my weepin’
    heart. The grief gets lodged in the body. It just does. I love the porcelain lady’s blue sash & cute antennae…………………….and you and Barbara!!!! That goes without saying! Huge downpour from the heavens as I write this. Celestial tears! Thank you to the both of you!!!!! XoXo

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