curry tea3Angie Kaspar’s worn-out dictionary sacrificed itself today in service of my HeartWords project.  It took a scalpel, and 2 hours to disassemble it.  I can only say that I hope everyone I know and love is driving a car that is at least as well made as this old book.

Words always do something unpredictable and wondrous when they bump into each other outside the usual linguistic playground, but unearthing a page headed  “cup of tea” and “curry” is more than a happy accident.  Clearly, it was intended as a gift for certain people I know who have the Anglophilia real bad.

Well, my loves, I can’t fly you to a destination in the Realm, but I can give you a foolproof way to conjure Britannia.  When no one is looking, wink your cheekiest wink, and say the magic words:  cup of tea and curry!  Your imagination will do the rest.


2 thoughts on “Britishlandia

  1. Thank you deary, I was getting my knickers in a twist about something…Then I saw your post, and I remembered that I do know how to speak the “Queen’s English” and I felt like having a cuppa.

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