Alien Goats

black flr

Its friendly, the way people in San Francisco pile plants around the sidewalk outside their homes.  For one thing, it shows they trust passersby to know the difference between mine and yours.  Since weather is never an obstacle, you may as well let the plants enjoy it, too.  What can go wrong?  Absolutely nothing.

The phantasmagoric black succulent in the picture is not the most eye-popping thing I saw in San Francisco.  The Goats of Daly City, corralled near the rail yard where Bart emerges from the airport, win that award.   I literally did a double-take when livestock came into view as I watched the desolate rail yard rush past my window.  For a moment, I wondered if some homeless knitter was farming alpaca behind her trailer camp, but no…shorter necks, smoother skins, floppier ears…goats!  If you have never gotten to know a goat, I recommend them.  Curious, not needy; interested, not aloof; independent, but they have their reasons.  Exactly the characteristics you want in a loyal, psychologically well adjusted friend.  If you are into docile, forget it.

I do think sidewalk goats would be a poor choice, however.  I wouldn’t trust them beyond the first planter.


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