Grateful Change


What if, when I said “Thank you,” you weren’t willing to let it in?

Maybe it was my mistake.  Those moments of connection seem to come along once in a blue moon.  I can practice on myself, but I can’t force anyone else to join in.

I guess if you admit what you already gave was enough, there is a risk I might not need you anymore.  (I might even be talking about myself here – what do you think?)

Sometimes,  when I say “No,” that is a form of “Thank you.”  I am willing to trust you enough not to go along, just to keep things as they are.

The reality is, I can stop the car, marvel at the sky, and make whatever picture I see, or I can hide a little bit longer.  Either way, the moment passes.  The light escapes.  That’s what light does.

Maybe “change” is the sincerest “Thank you” of all.


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