Grateful Contrast


It may be that in thinking about gratitude this month, I have begun to conflate it with forgiveness.  The two actions seem related, if not predicated on each other.  There’s no impasse.  I can be grateful and go on feeling hurt.  I can feel compassion and understanding for what happened, and still wish things had been different. But, as with the light and dark in this curtain, it’s hard to pinpoint where one begins and the other leaves off.   The background moves from light to dark, as the surface undulates. One side catches more reflected light;  the other side inevitably recedes  into shadow.  The pattern doesn’t alter, only its relationship to the light.  You can see the evidence of the change with your own eyes, but which surface is closer to the viewer, the light or the dark?  I honestly can’t tell, and I was there.

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One thought on “Grateful Contrast

  1. I have been contemplating the same things – feelings remain until they work themselves out of you — one way or another – time is a great help so is being distracted by other things. I believe we all struggle a bit here!

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