Booked for Christmas – Helpfulness Hints


Top:  Farm Journal Christmas Book 1965 & 1968 Center:  A Child’s Christmas Cookbook, commissioned by the Denver Art Museum, written by Betty Chancellor, designed by Kay Obering, Illustrations by Thomas Nast.  Evergreen Press, Walnut Creek, CA.  Bottom: Things to Make and Do for Christmas, by Ellen Weiss.  Franklin Watts, Inc. 1980.  Christmas Cookie Cookbook, circa 1975.

A Child’s Christmas Cookbook is my favorite cookbook, ever.  It’s as though Miss Manner’s wrote a recipe book explaining polite cooking (and behavior) for rambunctious people, small and large.  Are the following Ideas Helpful?  You be the Judge.  Betty Chancellor thinks so.  What, you say, her tongue is in her cheek?  That wag!  Here are just a few suggestions for ways children can be ever so helpful at Christmas (stop running up and down the stairs, chief among them):

Santa’s Snack – Make a sturdy sandwich of rye bread, cheese and ham, or whatever Mother has in the house.  Christmas Cookies for dessert.  Maybe you’d better make two sandwiches.

When Mother Feels Brave – A taffy pull, what else?  First, pull yourself together.  Smocks or aprons might help.

A Winter Picnic – When it’s cold and snowy outside, isn’t it nice by the fire?  Could you plan a picnic around the hearth?  First, ask Mother.  Tell her you’ll put a drip catcher on the floor.  And don’t start the fire yourself.

If Mother is tired, Why Not Fix Your Own Lunch?  Spread peanut butter on bread.  Put a slice of ham in-between.  Spread peanut butter on rye bread.  Put crisp bacon in between.  Spread peanut butter on crackers. Top with marshmallow.  Broil.

Well, possibly not broil.

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