Shared Butterflies – Butterfly 4


“Butterflies can emerge in many forms. Their wings unfurl in luxuriant flashes of color and light, appearing like peacock feathers emerging from the heart.”

Today is the 400th time we have met here.  Four hundred times, I looked in my heart for something to tell you, a way to show you as much as I can that is real about me.  Four hundred blinks of a mechanical eye, which sees so much better than I ever can, clearing away another infinitesimal layer between you and me, but always, always between my own heart and my self.

And to the blackest questions that have worried and gnawed on me, this answer continues to offer itself:  what is beautiful, remains.  In this much, I have confidence:  what is beautiful, remains.  Do you ever say it to yourself?  You can.  You might try it.  Let me know what happens.

Today’s butterfly is my gift to you.  To receive 4×6 prints of either of the pictures above (2 per person), either:

  • Go to my new, completely vanilla Etsy shop What is Beautiful Remains, (officially called beautifulremains owing to Etsy naming limitations).  Don’t buy the listing, but send me a convo (Etsy’s email), and I will create a custom listing for you (and anyone else you want to share with).  From there, we complete the transaction – Etsy will make me charge you .20, but I will refund that to your paypal.
  • If you don’t have an etsy account and you don’t want to sign up for one, just leave me a comment here and we will figure it out by email.  It’s nice to do it through Etsy because I get to practice making my work more public (gasp – the internet is public?)

Each 4×6 print is professionally printed to order on Fuji Matte or Pearl paper.

I fully expect this to be a technological disaster, but it will help me get this ball rolling!  Thank you dears, from the bottom of my heart.  Everything here has happened because I thought of you and me, together in spirits, even when we are far apart, and I cannot imagine my life without these 400 moments with you.


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