Load Bearing Petals


To my great excitement, I came across a course description for a topic that doesn’t turn up too often at photo conventions: therapeutic photography.  Since the entire purpose of this blog is to explore photography as an intuitive practice for self-reflection, I was thrilled to find a kindred soul.  Presenter Megan Dill’s self portraits and still-lifes eloquently portray her inner life.  The sense of hope in her images is palpable, even visceral, yet in the generous shadows typical of her work, you can see Megan honors the painful prerequisites that launch us on our search for wholeness and meaning.  I hope she will offer her presentation on-line sometime – I would love to share this journey with her!

For myself, tonight I need a little fanciful, to take my mind to elsewhere.  Twirling into dreams of petals as feathery as butterfly wings, that is where my inner dance is leading – a little fancy, full.





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