Hello My Name Is


This weekend, I got a lot of help untwisting my brain.  Friends emailed me, drank tea with me, took me to make collages and meet a greyhound (Gyro’s brindle colors match this picture).  Their kindness generally gave me to understand that my troubles didn’t seem so abnormal to them.  We made up the right things to say, such as the slogan, “Hi!  I’m Snippy.  Get over it.”  I fell asleep while meditating, and decided that a nap must have been just what the mental doctor ordered.

Standing up for the integrity of my own tangled self feels pretty good.  I’m just a lady dressing mannequins as fast as she can, to keep a roof over my head and pay my library fines.  If you are afraid of me, I say welcome to the club.  No one’s more scared than I am of how I might mess up next.

But sometimes the Queen Anne’s Lace gets in the corn and man, it is so beautiful.

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