To make something – to say something – eventually you will have to unfold into a vulnerable spot.  I think I remember once upon a time, I decided that opening to people and to life, beyond the promised limits of safety, was the bravest way to encounter love and myself.   I believed whole-heartedly that my bravery would be rewarded with experiences and connections that were true, and deep, and real.  Today, I feel like saying, “I am sick of being vulnerable.”  I don’t want to unfold one last crease, even to show myself what is hidden and waiting to be seen and loved.

While I was doing dishes in my sister’s kitchen in Walnut Creek, CA, I thought the light through the trees in the park across the street was really beautiful.  A blogger I follow wrote last week about seeing her own sister, and she said everything perfectly.    Click through the link.  You will love the photograph, and the image she creates of what it meant for them to be together.


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