Apples Un-Becoming


A broken branch spilled apples on the ground.  I guess someone was climbing where they shouldn’t.  But what could be more tempting than an apple tree, when it looks like the perfect fruit is just over…there…if I can…reach a little…farther…

I want to say something about how my pictures are looking lately – all unsharp and de-composed.  I get to reference my own photography and critique it and explain it, because well, this is a self-conscious blog, and you know what you are in for if you bother reading this far.

Sharp pictures are just not making me that happy anymore.  I made a sharp version of this, more or less.  But sharp doesn’t give me the feeling that I have crawled through the lens, and into the image.  This place seems like an entryway or a passage, but I don’t know where to.  The camera seems to be my way in.  I am more interested in seeing the apples becoming something, than I am in seeing exactly how they are.  And I am becoming something, too.

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