Exhilaration 4 – 29 Butterflies 2015


Eavesdropping on Two Retired Ladies Commiserating

Its a very small apartment.
She loves it because it’s on a balcony that looks out into the woods.
But because it’s the oldest part of the building, things keep going wrong.
She complains about just everything.
It’s very hard for her to go out shopping with anyone.
She’s impossible to please.
I went out shopping for winter boots with her once.
We must have gone to 10 different shoe places.

She’s had a number of things happen with falls, and so forth.
She fell back in the fall.

Here’s an example of running her off her feet:
I took her to a movie one day.
The next day we went to a movie and we went to dinner.

But anyway, after one of these falls, we took her urgent care.
But anyway, she ended up in the rehab wing and she hated it, hated it,
but they wouldn’t let her go
because the physical therapy people wanted her
to have a certain amount
of arm strength for      you know      the walker.

She claimed that they were feeding her nothing but starches.
She claimed that they wouldn’t let her out of bed.
She hated the physical therapy people.  (thats a bad attitude)

There’s no fixing it.


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