Backyard Again


Remember when you were little, and you could find everything your imagination needed in the backyard?  And the more familiar the game – army men, fairy land, or swingset – the better?  Did you get bored because you fenced with sticks yesterday, or tied your nightgown into magic cape the last time?  And didn’t you learn so many things in the backyard – to make water fly from the hose in dazzling rainbow arcs, to lie still so you could watch the clouds moving and reforming, and to fight, if need be, for your share of time on the swings?  The biggest world you could create, all so close to home – where popsicles are in the freezer just a few yards away, and the kitchen floor feels so smooth and cool on your bare feet after running up gritty concrete steps.

So if I keep making the same image, full of dark spaces where imagination can do its work – what better way could there be to find the world within?

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