Seeing by Heart – 1 & 2


Her smile is a note in your pocket –
a thought you carry and soothe between your fingers
until you’d think the words would be erased.
But they only grow more vivid
as the ink fades
you have absorbed them.
What do they say?
You know now
what all words say.
This hurts.
I love you.
Come home.

(Today – being conveniently both Monday and February 1st – is the start of 14 Hearts in 14 Days, 2016.  For 2 blog weeks – which is 10 human business days – I will share images of 14 hearts in honor of all my valentines, you know who you are.  The rules are entirely in my favor – I don’t have to post 14 images, although I do try – only 14 total hearts in the images.  This year, we can’t worry too much about how the valentines get made.  Let’s just put a heart on it, and keep going.)

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