For my sisters whose mothers are gone


For my sisters whose mothers are gone:

You must know now that she loved you
in some way
(through no fault of yours)
obscured by the
blindness that lets us all
go on breathing despite the fact
there is no tomorrow.

Love veiled,
seeping through crevices,
marks of others’ misdeeds
(that through no fault of yours)

Became all you could be
without finding her rage
in your heart.

There may be no other way
inside the skin of her tenderness
no way other than to survive her

and all that entails.

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3 thoughts on “For my sisters whose mothers are gone

  1. Hi Brenna! Happy New Year to you! Last night you came into my mind and I realized how much I have missed your posts. Made me wonder how your life was going and what newness was on the horizon. The thought of you still brings a smile to my heart.
    Be well and go fearlessly, or if there is fear, go anyway.

  2. Wow. Second person anything is always so arresting. This poem feels so careful to me, as if the “I’ were trying to protect someone, herself? me? the mother? what is true? Anyway, I loved the “Love veiled, seeping through crevices” image. The photo is so fine and even more so paired with the poem.

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