Appreciation of Butterflies – Five (Pause)

“Oh, bother!” said Pooh. “I shall have to go on.”

Well, honey, yesterday did not go As Planned.  Because as I was tra-la-la-ing on my daily walk, enjoying a visit to the Kenilworth of Madison, an invisible drain cover – lurking sinisterly below the level asphalt – grabbed my ankle and twisted it in a Very Uncomfortable Way.  Ironically enough, my tra-la-la-ing thoughts just moments before had been:  Walking Around is the Best Thing in the World.

So today I missed my walk for the first time in almost 2 years (June Oneth 2018).  But, piloting around on these crutches (yes, I got crutches) takes enough out of my arms, I really think I am almost walking around on my hands, like a disoriented acrobat.  That’s got to count for something, right?

I worked recumbently, at home, and  I did get quite a bit done, once my friend pointed out that if she could make coffee with a broken leg, I could do it on a sprained ankle, FFS (that’s a quote).  All I needed was my back pack, a little shopping bag and a mason jar.  I swear, whatever you are imagining I did with those items – YOU ARE WRONG.  I drained the first pot and felt my humanity return.   Then I made a second pot, and I was almost myself.  Then my roommate came home from a grocery run for me with the biggest jug of cold brew coffee I have ever seen.  She really gets me.

The butterflies I imagined are definitely grounded this week.  Yesterday, I couldn’t bear any weight on my foot, and I can’t stumble around on crutches with the camera – yet.  But, I’m not ready to say I can’t make any butterflies at all.  Because I really had some things I wanted you to see, and that’s how we always do together, dear.  We’ll just see.

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