Appreciation of Butterflies – Eight

Hello, dear.  It’s a little less late than last night, but don’t get your hopes too high.  I didn’t wake up any smarter this morning, so I can’t promise much improvement over yesterday’s jumble of words.

Today was one of those days where you barely blink and it’s almost time to go home.  Those are usually pretty good days.  I listened with all my heart to a donor who said she was a completely different person because of coming to school here.  She was so full of gratitude, I heard tears well up in her voice.  She told me about her husband, who really was a rocket scientist.  And her dream to be a concert violinist, and now she is going to give some money to help the musicians.  I told her anything we can do to keep the musicians playing, that’s a good thing.  We felt like sisters in the end, and it was hard to say good-bye.

Can we talk about the bigger things another time, darlin?  It’s not that they don’t matter.  But if we are doing this right, the big things are either all behind us,  or here right now in the words we give each other without hoping for more than a smile in return.  In how I make the bed each morning, just for the pleasure of getting into it at night.  In how I like everything covered with flowers to remind myself that I am blooming, too.    The things we needed from each other, honey – they were just ordinary.  And yet they built the sum of all the time we had.  And time carried all the larger things along for us, the way the ocean engulfs the most immense and intricate creatures in this world.  Best to let the ocean have them now.

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