Appreciation of Butterflies – Seventeen

Now, dear this is so, so late we’ll just take what we can get said in a few minutes.  Dearest Deb invited me to make her something – about my travel daydreams – so I had to get that all ready tonight first.

We know your travel daydreams, honey.  The place where you felt you belonged, and could really be yourself – or the self you wanted so much to be.  London, by name.  Your Brigadoon.

I have a daydream, too – a place I feel I belong, where I am just myself – or would always try to simply be in my heart, if my brain tripped me up.  My place is much nearer – but not any closer, if I’m honest.  I have my own Brigadoon.

We’re not always the best judges of where our happiness will be found, are we, dear?  Can we agree that is true?  But it isn’t always as simple – either – as craving happiness.  Some people or places magnetize us, and our lodestone glows when find them.

So, I don’t know if happiness was what you went there to find.  But to risk deeply wanting something – and bear the disappointment of desire – this seems like the heart’s true destination.

I will see you tomorrow, darlin.  Nighty Night.

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