Telling Spring

May’s almost gone – but as long as the redbuds hang on, spring hasn’t flown by quite yet.

I’m writing things out everyday.  The story folds back and forth like one of those fortune tellers we made in grade school.  We’d chant our Very Important Questions, snapping the paper beaks open and shut in rhythm to the words, hoping to discover true love forever hidden underneath the very last syllable.

The answers still come as a surprise to me, each time they re-appear, even though I’m the one who wrote them on the paper in the first place. Saying things I already know, but only to myself.  And anyway, who else would I tell?

And listening to Persuasion.  This song is like going to church for me – my articles of faith.  No matter when I’ve needed it – or why –  it has always been true.  I can hang my heart on every word.  After all, I still believe it.


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