Flowers from Another Sunday

I have made a lot of pictures no one else will ever see.  Pictures made with only one other soul in mind, for purposes of my own.  Made to remember the night times and the mornings I wanted you to be there.  Made to prove to myself that something beautiful shows in the dark and in the daylight, when I know you are the one looking.

Along the way, what I’ve seen has become a part of me – and maybe that is what you had in mind all along.

I don’t worry about the why of how things are – and there is no work to going forward.  We already are.

But I remember all the time how you want me to feel – and how I always do feel with you.

L o v e d.  Inside and out.

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3 thoughts on “Flowers from Another Sunday

  1. Brenna…your photos are beautiful and your writing is magical. I scrolled through and saw your ten year old face with the lilacs….that’s my favorite flower…zither best part of Spring is the scent of lilacs in bloom. I’m thinking of you handling your camera in class…and your History Fair Project…A DOORABLE CHICAGO.
    Each time I see the poster showing Chicago Doors I think of you…after all these years.

    You mention Verona….is that the Verona in Wisconsin…or is it the Verona of Romeo and
    Ms. J?

    • Marietta, how FUN! Thank you for these lovely, kind words, and for visiting my little backwater of pictures and words. I will never forget A – Doorable Chicago, either! Verona, Wisconsin, indeed. The midwest is all the romance I seem to need. I’m so happy to hear from you. I hope you are well? Take care 🙂

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