Flowers on Sunday from Django

I’ve been listening to the Mills Brother this week – which turns out to be a pretty good way to trick Pandora into playing Django Reinhardt.  That relaxed guitar, pulsing across the darkness, as each note slithers off to finds its companion.  Confident, effortless, brash.  Phrased right to the precarious edge, like driving into a steep curve a little too fast.  The Mills Brothers, on the other hand, glide so smoothly along the precipice, you barely notice how close you are to sailing into oblivion in their luxury saloon.

This was just a terrible, terrible week – though I know yours was far worse.  My container broke, and that’s a fact.  It was something little, but so arbitrary and unnecessary – like all the worst things that find the place you didn’t realize was exposed.  We don’t do silver linings on this blog, so if you want me to cheer you up, well – you are doomed to be disappointed with this particular ramble through my mind.

The best song I heard was one we sang growing up – “The Glory of Love.”  And another one that completely fits the world right now – “Til Then.”  And, “Nevertheless,” which is just true.  I don’t want to hope right now.  I just want to know that I am not alone.  And – when the world is through with us, we’ve got each other’s arms.

I’m putting them on the Playlist page.  You’re welcome to listen.

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3 thoughts on “Flowers on Sunday from Django

  1. This is my second attempt at a reply…I did something and poof…so here I go again.

    The Mills Brothers yes….listening to Across The Alley From The Alamo on the “record player” part of the Philco radio combo, watching my parents dancing to it, not so patiently waiting for my turn to stand on my dad’s shoes so he could dance me around the dining room table.

    Django? I had to google him and then I listened to his music…what a surprise…the soundtrack from a favorite movie CHOCOLAT….
    now when I see it again I’ll really listen to the music. I love it when a student teaches me something. Thank you for that!

    And knowing that giving a little..taking a little…that’s the story of…that’s the glory of love.
    And never the less I’m in love with you…pays to be a War Baby growing up to that music.

    I always look forward to Monday and your flowers!

  2. Oh dear Brenna – you are NOT alone — there may or may not be a deity or angels or perhaps even ghosts hovering about you, BUT the thought waves of all who love you are tuned in to you and your beautiful spirit that sings to us each week. Lyrics without notes, yet just as beautiful as any of the music on the playlist Hang in there…..we’ll see each other’s eyes again…..LOVE YOU. MEAN IT. Cousin Sandy

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