Flowers on Sunday a Day Late


I said to myself several times yesterday, “Sandy’s Birthday – call and leave her a message.”  Always thought it in the middle of doing some Saturday thing – and wanting to wait until I could concentrate my attention on you.  And then, May 15 was gone and it was a day later.

I thought about when you and Bob stayed with us in Apartment 402.  Pammy and I were so excited find our beautiful cousin and her funny, sweet man arranged in their sleeping bags in the living room.  A Ballerina!  In our Very House.  Much, much better than a Princess.

Of course, I just remember the big impressions – the way Mama loved and admired you, that Marv was happy to have a reason to be his jovial, entertaining self.  I believe a fair number of Brown Cow floats were made and enjoyed.  I’m sure Pammy and I wanted you to stay forever and show us how to be tall and graceful and have perfect long brown hair.

And that’s exactly what you did.

Much, much love, darlin’ Sandy.  Happy Birthday!




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2 thoughts on “Flowers on Sunday a Day Late

  1. My birthday flowers are beautiful!! Thanks for the words, thanks for the memories, and thanks for the love, all of it, over all time. We’ll celebrate together one of these days dear Brenna.

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