Flowers on Sunday Are Splendid

Here is a little snapshot of the miracles to be found on any old ramble from here to there on a Saturday – if you care to notice.

To be clear, “miracle” is only a slight exaggeration.  July is too late for locally grown peonies in South Central Wisconsin.  And yet – there they were under a pop-up tent at the far corner of the West Side farmer’s market, bundled next to the midnight-violet sweet peas and juicy big sunflowers – where just anyone could have them for only money.  Splendid they are, these luxurious creatures, idling with the other summer flirts who have magic of their own to tell.  The very sexy Snap Dragon, demurely delicious Garden Phlox and confectionary Queen Ann’s Lace – imported from aways over the Wisconsin River at the Fort Atkinson market.

And to this second-hand teapot – with her heavy low belly and stubby legs (oh, so much like yours truly) – who left her shiny bright Silver somewhere, but has endured thus far in her tarnished, more natural state (again – yours truly).  To this tea pot, I whisper with all  my summertime ardor – “Where have you been all my life?”

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