Flowers on Sunday So Far

Take a bowl of sunflowers, for instance.  Easier to imagine than to see.  Seeing asks so many tedious questions of what is and what isn’t.  Imagination has no such concerns – and rightly so.  Somewhere in the dark of uncertainty, seeing and imagination haggle out a third reality that neither quite anticipated.  And you might not know the deal has been struck until much later.  You won’t always recognize it when it happens.

I seem to be on more solid ground – but barely so.  My sad little one is right here at my elbow, and we won’t insist on too much cheerfulness or optimism.  But we won’t ask too many questions, either, about the quiet peace that arrived with Sunday night, clearing all the flowers away and fixing supper.

We’ll just say, “Phew.  That was really something, wasn’t it?  You did your best.  I’m proud of you.”  And see what comes tomorrow.

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