Flowers on Sunday and Then

The flowers are for myself so I won’t give up on the seeds that still want to find their way into some tender-enough heart.  Where – blindly chancing the warm and the dark – one little root may venture out, feeling its way toward the sweetness it needs to grow.

And to persuade me to believe the evidence of my own eyes – that we are unfolding together, the blossoms and me, spurred to display our tender-enough hearts by a force that will not be resisted – a power that is, in fact, our own.

There is no reason not to dream of planting seeds, even if the winter is very, very cold.

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4 thoughts on “Flowers on Sunday and Then

  1. I don’t remember if I wrote this on the board so many February’s ago….

    Ode to Spring….

    Each day longer lingers the setting sun

    Far below the earth the miracles of Spring have begun

    That little verse got me through February…
    Only 31 days till Spring.

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