Flowers on Sunday Still

The early morning light was very friendly, and I am learning a new thing or so about what I am doing (both flowers and camera) which makes for an adventure, and love.

I try to add my significant others and create a proper still life. The kissing couple, the curious hound, the plump bluebird.  Each figurine plainly stating my wish within the frame.  Sweet dimestore talisman for the life I want and dream of.

But the open space always wins.

Open, but not empty.  Containing the light and everything else that might be there.  Room to imagine your own significant others, or just think about how it is to have flowers on your table and notice the sunlight pooling on an old tablecloth, and take another sip of tea.

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One thought on “Flowers on Sunday Still

  1. Dear Cousin Brenna, you always find a way to express love, with your flowers, your photography, your words, and your beautiful heart. Only ONE of the 3,462 reasons I love you! Hoping you find MORE flowers and love – especially with a birthday coming SOON. Love, Sandy

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