Flowers on Sunday for Us

Fifty eight times around the sun, but it doesn’t seem like any time has passed, does it?

We came here together, and that’s certain – our singular selves, but two birds of a feather.  Hearts full of April flowers, no doubt about it, and bluebirds in the backyard.  And lucky beyond all good fortune to have each other – your fierce bravery, determined to walk first, and get on with the things you wanted. And me – charmingly indolent and prone to distraction, needing just five more minutes to watch the clouds drift along, and then maybe a snack.

No power in the ‘Verse can stop us.

Happy birthday my dearest dear – with all the love my heart can hold.

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3 thoughts on “Flowers on Sunday for Us

  1. Happy Birthday to you and Pam!
    It was just a blink ago you were celebrating Sweet Sixteen. 🎶🎂🎶

  2. No power in the ‘Verse, my sweet sister, who I have known longer than any being on earth — literally before we were born. Let us not underestimate the life-giving magic of a little something at 11 o’clock. You are such a gifted artist, such a wise soul, my sounding board, my forever home. Happy, happy birthday! Love you!

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