Flowers on Sunday Twenty Nine

There aren’t enough tulips in this lovely world
for all the beautiful birthday girls
whose April 29ths belong
to sunshine spring and robin song.

Happy birthday, darling cuz, and Mama too,
who ever was in need of tulips to fill her heart
and has them now, I’m sure
and painted here her happiness
to find their golden petal dress
unfurling and untwirling still
enough tulips in this lovely world.

Love, love, love you my dears, my April 29th tulips girls.

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2 thoughts on “Flowers on Sunday Twenty Nine

  1. Sometimes, when reading your blog, I find myself longing for a book to hold, instead. Your thoughts are so ethereal, yet profound, that I need something to anchor me, a touchstone. You are so powerful, dear Brenna.

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