Flowers on Sunday Found

Saturday was a good day.  Peonies at Trader Joe’s, pulling creeping Charlie and bindweed at the community garden – and the cool spring sunshine came out instead of the rain we were due.  This morning I cut parking lot grape vines and lilies of the valley from around the garbage shed and bleeding hearts from along the driveway.  So you see – these flowers are all found except the peonies.

I might have said already – but cosmos and zinnias and bachelor buttons and strawflowers all have sprouted and have their first true leaves.  Mind – blown.  How do seeds do that?  On the other hand, the thyme and oregano plants on my fire escape are practically dead.  They don’t like something – the geraniums and petunias? or maybe it is too shady and cold? Or possibly they don’t like my neighbor smoking under my window? No, wait – that’s me who doesn’t like that.



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