Flowers on Sunday Summerful

There’s so much summer right now.  I thought I could fit it all in – but where is the Queen Ann’s Lace, the helianthus, the milkweed and ditch lily?  The scarlet monarda, and the dry, hay-sweet yarrow – and the flirty, fluffy cosmo?

Here are zinnia and nasturtium, and cornflower and petunias and hard, immature grapes as opaque as jade.  Echinacea and lisianthus, the Prairie Rose – who folds as many petals in her skirt as any spring ranunculus, buds curled high along her serpentine stem, and ready to unwind their treasure.

I don’t know if this is good looking, and I don’t really care.  All the pleasure was in the doing.  How lovely something can be in your own heart, never mind what others see.

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