Flowers on Sunday in Fall

Rain and fall go hand in hand, as a way to begin saying goodbye to summer.  Cold, inevitable rain is what makes a crisp autumn day such a delight by contrast.  Rain, we had this Saturday.  The 40 degree nights have left their mark.  Behind the veil of grey, gold is spreading the through tree tops, corn stalks stand dry and tan, and overhead the conversation of geese debating their route south.  The purple asters are showing now – one of fall’s most beautiful colors.

The rain has not discouraged my cosmos or nasturtiums or hyacinth beans – nor has the cold weather slowed them down too much.  Dahlias and zinnias will probably last until the farmers market closes in mid-October.  There will be apples, too – and onions and greens.  Winter is still some distance away – but moving at its steady pace, one chilly night at a time.

This pear has now been eaten, each succulent mouthful restoring the taste of pears from childhood to the present moment.  What could be sweeter?



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