Flowers on Sunday for New Year

Well, hello there 2023, when did you sneak in?

I don’t have too many plans for you, except to try to see some of the far away people I love in actual real life. And to take pictures of my things. It would be fun to go dancing, etc. I might get a new hat to wear in the garden.

Instead of figuring out what I plan to do with you, I’d like to ask you, 2023, to take it a little easier on us. The whole world, I mean. We’ve had enough power-mad zombies to last us for a good long while. Maybe you could arrange for them to get stuck together on a desert island and leave the everyone in peace? I’m looking at you Elon, Vlad, Don and Mitch. Bon Voyage, boys!

In addition, I wouldn’t mind more barely pink chrysanthemum frills and blushing alstromeria, with spicy sweet stock winding its way into a sunny spot by the window.

Actually, that’s sort of a minimum I expect from you, 2023.


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