About Brenna

I write a little, talk a lot and take far too many pictures.

18 thoughts on “About Brenna

  1. Dear Brenna,
    I love your blog. You are such a talented writer. Your words move and inspire me and your photographs are beautiful! Keep on blogging….I’m a follower! hugs, Angela

  2. Brenna,
    I love your brutal honesty and it resonates within me. I did cry. Your words invited me to revisit the same experiences with my mom who died 2 years ago from Alzheimer’s. Your photographs are expressions of unmentioned words as well as breathtakingly beautiful. Thank you.

  3. Brenna – I have always loved your way with words. It feels like this blog is a perfect fit for where you are now. Thank you for sharing this window into your world.

  4. Dear Brenna,

    What a good job you did discovering and delineating if not dissecting (sp?) grief. When I was in my most grief (after mom) I read Elizabeth Kubler Ross and it was so good to find one could STUDY this phenomenon. There is nothing else like it in life (mercifully). Grief is one type of depression. The difference is it’s temporary – also mercilfully – and its mission is to move us on in life. I think that’s it anyway.
    SO grieve on, dear girl, and find, as you are, the beautiful that remains.


  5. Been meaning to indulge in the time to read your blog for a while. Today was the day. Thank You! Your talent for observing and wondering is medicinal. Also, I miss you. I will incorporate this into my list of little indulgences…the ones that refill.

  6. Brenna,
    It was great to meet you and chat about your art at the Riverwest art walk. There have been few times in my life where a piece will evoke such strong emotions. Thanks for sharing that moment with me.
    – Hazen (the classical guitar guy)

  7. Dearest Brenna – first time I’ve visited the blog (instead of just viewing weekly posts independently) in a long time and I must say I’m even more amazed at the breadth and depth of your photos and writing when viewing them together. We must talk about the daffodils daisies and mums soon. Love you so much!

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