Flowers on Sunday Still Again

Today we cruised around Lake Mendota in honor of Maureen’s 75th birthday –  an aquatic circumambulation of the 26 mile shoreline on the sturdy and comfy Betty Lou, steered by Captain Jeremy and served by First Mate Tara.  The weather blessed Maureen’s celebration with nothing less than perfect skies and breezes.  Trouble could not find any of us, out there on the lake.  We were going too slow to catch, and camouflaged too well to be recognized, in our floppy sun hats and shades.

In the three hours, I did not hear any stories of situations that will get better.  Nor did I tell even one tale from my own life that I thought would turn out.  Even when our trouble recedes, we know some day it will return – no matter how this particular tale resolves.  Return better armed, or maybe swifter and more stealthy – slipping underneath us like black ice we mistake for only rain on the pavement.

What answer can I give, except to agree that this afternoon was perfect in every possible way – from the Swedish meatballs and glimmers of champagne, to deep stands of cat tails rustling against the shore?

And to know that we share the same hope, as we glide past waterfront oaks and islands of thick waterlily pads:  to be called on to love and to listen to each other tell the story again.  Next time.

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Flowers on Sunday Take Time

Nobody sees a flower really; it is so small. We haven’t time, and to see takes time – like to have a friend takes time.  – Georgia O’Keefe

My late afternoon nap yesterday turned into about 16 hours of sleep.  I slept through dinner, I slept through all my little nightly things, I slept through waking up at 2 am and 4 am.  My dreams needed to catch up with everything that is happening.  I dreamed the landlady’s cousin was in my room, clucking her disapproval of my things.  And in my dream, I used some profanity that felt really, really good.

I heard your story, and I understand you are finding things out, from somewhere in the middle of your own good time.  Every word broke the surface tension, and there you were – my kind and very dear friend, who lets me fling one-liners around like free money, just to make myself laugh.  Who – as long as we’ve known each other – has always put honesty at the top of the list.  Except about my one-liners.  Because you always laugh no matter how terrible they are – and of course, I know better.

Who are those untroubled people with no harrowing stories to tell?  I don’t know any of them – and whoever they are, I probably couldn’t fall in love with them.

I just want you to feel good, – and know we can talk whenever you want.

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Flowers on Sunday on Monday

I still think of you on Sunday mornings and even though that was never our story, it is still the truest one that I have ever told – if only so I can sleep at night.

The light expands like lungs and air, pressing me into your ghost, before you disappear.  I skim our surface.  My body needs time to trust the feeling: wanted.  And even more time to admit: want.

You took back your tender mouthfuls of I-love-you and morsels of tongue-tied lips, but I stayed.  Stranded here, with only everything I imagined. Telling myself stories, conjuring my little song.

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Flowers on Sunday in All Directions

This change – whatever I do to respond to it – is upending my life.  The impact is just beginning to swell against the hard edges of dollars and sense.  Because to be a single, middle aged woman without career or financial achievement is to know how flimsy the guardrails are.  The margins of my day to day were so, so thin and I lived within them by the grace of eggs and cheese and coffee with cream – and being a housemate.

I can’t live like that anymore, and I am too mad to go down a road that only leads to more waiting.  There is no getting away from the heart-palpitating truth that these ends will not meet.  But it feels like there is nothing else to do, except risk what I have to keep moving forward, and hope the ancestors can see a path that has not become clear to me yet.

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Flowers on Sunday A Little Further

These are bad days.  Friday was especially bad.  I cried so hard, so so hard, because I am so scared.  I understand my mother’s panic attacks now.  All her real reasons to be afraid, multiplied by haunting regrets that clamored for her attention – a sum of worries that would not let her rest no matter how hard she ignored them.  Laboring against the quicksand of powerlessness that comes with real age, how could her heart not try to fly out of her body, seeking someplace to actually rest?  Fear and rage battling for her body’s attention – and nothing to do but keep going.

Last May was really bad, but I was only heartbroken and lonely.  Now I am terrified for where I will be able to live.  All I can do is gamble on myself, and try to carve out what I want from what I know will be not good choices.

I would never want anyone else to think their journey was all for nothing. If only for the sake of other people who share this same fear, and worse – I am reminding myself that there can be meaning, and relief in the future as yet unknown.

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Flowers on Sunday For Now

Everything went from getting better to totally precarious in a 5 minute conversation with my roommate who told me I have 60 days to move out so her cousin can move in to my room and they can decide if they get along well enough to pool their money and buy a house together.  Because housing is so expensive where I live.  Because on their own, they can’t afford to buy the kind of place they want to live.

See how funny that is?  How their situation is so similar to mine?  How I also can’t afford the kind of place I would like to live in on my own?  I mean – I know exactly how that Feels.  That’s why I’ve lived here with someone I didn’t know so I could make it on my salary.  That’s why I spent the pandemic in one room and nowhere else, except to cook my meals.  Why my heart got broken in the same chair where I eat my meals, three feet away from where I had to sit to work – and where I lay down to sleep.

Gee, that really sucks.  Not to be able to afford to live where you want.  To have to make the best of something that isn’t exactly what you pictured for yourself.  I really, really get it.

Please don’t leave me any “It’s all for the best, it will all work out,” messages.  Because I don’t need any positivity right now.  I need to cry.  I need you to know how scared I am.  And I just need to start packing.

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Flowers on Sunday From July WI

I should be writing every day – but I’m not.  Instead, I’m counting the time in flowers.  Waiting for Saturday to come like a pardon, and lift the veil between myself and something I want.  Something I don’t have to kiss goodbye or keep to myself.  No riddle to live with, beyond the mercurial and mysterious light and lens, and the infinite up and down of the contrast curve

And though this is a purely solitary activity, I feel I’m just finishing the work that other gardeners started for me – and carried on much better than I ever could.  A handful of lisianthus and celosia and snaps – the last she had to cut, the farmer told me, for a few more weeks.  “The weather has been so weird this summer,” she said, diagnosing the lull in her cutting garden.  As tan as a walnut, her girth supported on rigidly braced ankles, she was selling out of her $7 posies just a few minutes past 7 am.  Next time, it will be sunflowers and dahlias – but that’s a few weeks away.

And the rudbeckia, and bee-balm and larkspur hiding just out of the frame, that grew effortlessly along the back-40 border at Ann’s house.  It’s almost as if the bees and the plants know what they are doing, and can be left to carry on without too much human interference.  Of course, Ann just makes it look that way – for which I am so very grateful.

To hold the true and not true together in the same heart, though – especially when it is your own – this does take a net written in longhand, so that the line can trace back to yourself with every loop and garland.  Otherwise, you are bound to get lost and think you have found your way without even trying to read the map.

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Flowers on Sunday Are Splendid

Here is a little snapshot of the miracles to be found on any old ramble from here to there on a Saturday – if you care to notice.

To be clear, “miracle” is only a slight exaggeration.  July is too late for locally grown peonies in South Central Wisconsin.  And yet – there they were under a pop-up tent at the far corner of the West Side farmer’s market, bundled next to the midnight-violet sweet peas and juicy big sunflowers – where just anyone could have them for only money.  Splendid they are, these luxurious creatures, idling with the other summer flirts who have magic of their own to tell.  The very sexy Snap Dragon, demurely delicious Garden Phlox and confectionary Queen Ann’s Lace – imported from aways over the Wisconsin River at the Fort Atkinson market.

And to this second-hand teapot – with her heavy low belly and stubby legs (oh, so much like yours truly) – who left her shiny bright Silver somewhere, but has endured thus far in her tarnished, more natural state (again – yours truly).  To this tea pot, I whisper with all  my summertime ardor – “Where have you been all my life?”

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Flowers on Sunday All Summer


I like the idea of haibun – a travelogue in prose poetry, punctuated with a 5 – 7 – 5 stanza at the end, like a poetic Columbo.  “Sorry ma’am – just one more thing.”  I feel like we make this kind of poetry everyday. We are always going somewhere, after all, even if it is just to the farmer’s market.  Afterwards, we probably find at least one little story to tell a friend – recalling the succulent aromas of lemony musk and grassy pepper from the bunches of cilantro and dill piled on the farmer’s table – but no corn just yet.

And here are the flowers of this haibun.  Not merely souvenirs, but ambassadors from each place where they grew:  the embankment, the truck garden, the lovely perennial border.  Cornflowers blue, solar rays of helianthus, Queen Anne’s lace-white, snapdragons as dark as the murkiest red wine, larkspur in the deep cobalt shadows. And the Queen Monarda with her wing-shaped petals in luminesce, lipstick red.  All the better to seduce butterflies, don’t ya know.

Don’t go anywhere. Stay and watch the green stems bow, moving with the wind.

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Flowers on Sunday in Pinks and Cherries

Cherries and pinks (dianthus).  Poor cherry tree split in two during the storm, and the homeowner said I could cut whatever I wanted.  Usually people tell me ok.  Maybe I do look a little crazy, standing on the front step in my floppy peachy hat and indescribable hair, brandishing my dollar-store pruners and fit-over-glasses shades.

I still miss someone, and my heart and body are brimming over with that silence. There’s nothing I can do to change the situation, and the time has passed when things could have gotten better.  I didn’t expect my initial sadness to echo in a second wave with so much force, after all this time. I still feel surprised sometimes when I catch my true feelings out of the corner of my eye.  Hope is the biggest secret I keep from myself.

So let’s just act like it’s summer that is breaking my heart – with her pinks and cherries, stocks and sweet peas, tiger lilies and fireflies and sun-baked grasses.

Because she always, always does.

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