Thank Goodness

Thank goodness I found this nest today.

Thank goodness my friend told me to turn my clock back tonight.  No, I really didn’t know.

Thank goodness there are 7 years of archived radio episodes of To the Best of Our Knowledge.

Thank goodness my hamburger came with a huge pile of the most delicious bacon I’ve ever eaten.

Thank goodness I bought my camera.

Thank goodness there’s good coffee, every morning, just a flight of stairs away.

Thank goodness I like eggs for dinner.

Thank goodness I am good at finding vintage fabric.

Thank goodness on this chilly night, everyone I love is cozy and warm.


7 thoughts on “Thank Goodness

  1. I just discovered your blog and it is really beautiful. I can relate to the post about freelance work! I hope life is finding you well. Take care,

  2. Thank goodness I splurged and bought an iPhone. No, really. It’s changing my life for the better.

    Thank goodness I have health insurance at Kaiser, so when one of my little guys wakes up with an ear infection he’s seen and tucked back at home with his anthromycin within 6 hours.

    Thank goodness for fall. Christ, I love fall.

    Thanks goodness for Caspian’s hair. And Max’s. And Max’s little dances. And Caspian “connecting” things.

    Thank goodness my sister is such an amazing photographer.

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