Universe, Calling….May I Help You?

I have decided that, having not done so well planning my life, it’s time to let Synchronicity drive, even if it means seeming to be in agreement with Sting about something (visibly shudders with revulsion).  If you learn anything in a year where you lose two of the most important people you love, it is that you are not in charge anyway, so what the hell?  (I learned nothing this year to change my opinion of Sting.)

So, there I was, Monday morning, in my rocking chair at the cafe, pencilling away (we can’t call it writing) on the question of which of my imagined pathways to world domination to put on the back burner and which to bring to a furious boil.  My phone rings.  It is Deb, my number 1 muse.

“Deb,” I say, immediately preventing her from getting a word in edgewise, “thank you so much for commenting on the blog and liking my pictures.  It makes me feel so good!”

“Well,”  says Deb, “I just called to tell you MORE PICTURES on the blog.  I want more pictures.  More pictures.  You should get some beautiful things together today and take pictures of them.”

And so I did.  Cha-CHING.  (If you ever need to reach the Universe direct, just let me know.  I’ll give you Deb’s number.)


8 thoughts on “Universe, Calling….May I Help You?

  1. Oh….love the photo!!!! BTW…love the way you write!
    Just finished one looooooong work week with one mixed up, drive me crazyyyy second grade student. I am so glad I decided to pop in and see what you are up too. This post sure did make me smile…thanks! Again…really love the photo!!! Selling copies maybe?????

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