Necessary but Not Sufficient

taken on my phone, anniversary of marv's death

Necessary but not sufficient.  I think we all understand the condition this logic describes, especially after a dose of the existential elixir, Vino.  Nonetheless, checking my premise with Wikipedia was the bloggerly thing to do, lest I splash out too far in my claims of philosophical insight.  By doing so, I can now confirm I have officially reached an age when concepts which are too smart for me, make my vision swim, and send me looking for a knitting book with lots of pictures.

An elegant model to calculate how many leaves are expendable before a tree starves surely exists, yet it seems obvious that nature’s strategy is to cover that deficit and then some…each leaf is necessary, though not sufficient to ensure continued life.  I think.  As I have learned this year, I am just a little leaf, but I do think the tree needs me.  The whispers of all the other leaves, brushing against the wind and bearing much of the storm, sheltering and protecting me, have reassured me again and again that together, we are sufficient and each of us necessary to the other.  Amidst kindnesses too many to number, shared so generously by all my family and friends, I join my own modest whisper to yours, and send it out into the mystery…”Thank You.”


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