Sharps and Eyes

Ever since I was a little kid, I have had a knack for threading needles – one act of hand/eye coordination that doesn’t suffer in myopia. Peering over the rims of my glasses, my uncorrected vision permitted bringing the needle and thread so very much closer to my eye than a normally sighted person, it was no challenge at all to hit even the tiniest target with a bare wisp of thread.  From this experience, I developed a wistful longing to explore that shallow world, just a few inches away from the tip of my nose, where my natural eye could focus, and both color and depth breathed in more vibrant dimensions.

So it makes sense that I am in crazy love with shallow depth of field, where surfaces move in and out of focus within a few millimeters of each other.  This really is my world, as I have barely ever seen it, one moment sharp and clearly defined, then slipping away like silk ribbon through your fingers.


7 thoughts on “Sharps and Eyes

  1. Yes! Oh yes… Often thought about the relationship between our natural and individual vision and our esthetic preferences. I love fuzzy edges and starry lights: I have astigmatism.

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