87 Years Ago

While this picture may seem to be about a bowl of watermelon, it was actually an excuse to record Marv’s hands, and to remember the times I wondered why they were so much larger than mine, the times I watched mesmerized as they whisked a flaming torch over metal, turning it into liquid, or flew effortlessly along the guitar, turning it into music.  I want to remember, too, how small he was, 87 years ago tonight, maybe feeling hungry for the first time in his life, and to wonder at how tiny his hands were then.


6 thoughts on “87 Years Ago

  1. Brenna, saw your mother’s eyes during lunch today. It was one haunting split second as she glided past me.

    Funny……….I bought a big watermelon around dinnertime tonight. I love you my dear friend! I felt both of them today.

  2. I can’t say I remember Marv’s hands specifically, but what I do remember is his calm. A quiet presence in the midst of so much chaos. He was always like a safe harbor for me during the storms of my childhood.

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