Ooooh Shiny…Friday


Last Friday, I had so darn much fun taking pictures of my pretty clutter (as JMacD christened it), instead of actually picking it up and putting it away, I decided to try it again.  You don’t recognize this area of my house?  Well, that’s because the “creativity” is everywhere, so unless I use it to dispense water or make fire, any spare surface is probably covered in something on its way to becoming something else.  At least that’s what I tell myself.

And I know after seeing these pictures, you will never invite me over to your house with my camera, because now you can see that I would take pictures of your stuff, too, given a few moments alone while you are fixing us coffee.  But the magic of the camera is, when you use it to take the time to notice your very own world, all your stuff has a certain delight to it….because it reminds you, you’re home.


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