The Untended Pinkness


For the unknownth year, the orchard behind the old county mental health facility blossoms untended.  Its not my first abandandoned apple orchard.  Near Berthoud, Colorado  there’s a T in the road where NCR (that’s North County Road) 21 ends, and an old ranch fence barricades about 20 apple trees from the oncoming traffic.  When I was living there, I never had the courage to stop the car and climb into that orchard.  Maybe that regret is singing somewhere in the back of my mind.  Or maybe I just never had the camera.

You see yourself differently surrounded by apple blossoms.  That’s a plain fact. Next year, you can visit me, and try it for yourself, if this orchard survives the developer who has  parked their trailer at then end of the rows, about 40 yards from the old sidewalk.  Or, maybe you can take a ride down NCR 21 in Larimer County and let me know how those trees are doing.  I feel I owe them something.


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