Lilac Point of View


Some days my life just seems so selfish.  Like, for instance, I get to stand around in the middle of the most lilacs than I have ever seen in one place, for as long as I want, or until the sun goes down.  It’s lonely, too, but there is no one to stop me.

I know they say after a while, you get accustomed to scents, but I don’t believe it.  Lilacs are the exception. Their fragrance is with me, still.


2 thoughts on “Lilac Point of View

  1. I can smell the lilacs, just by seeing them! I didn’t see, or smell, any real lilacs here this spring. Not so common around here. But I do have Gardenias!

  2. One of my mother’s favourite flowers — ALWAYS remind me of her and I can smell them just by looking at a photo: thanks!

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